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A boat tied to a dock with an inflatable big bumper for protection

Inflatable Bumpers

Big Bumpers are a reinforced PVC inflatable boat bumper with a self-closing valve that are easy to inflate. They protect your boat from hitting up against docks, jetties, and other boats, and come in a variety of sizes to fit your boating needs.

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“I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has a significant investment and wants to protect it as Big Bumper is far superior to tires and individuals floats.”

– Nathan, Queenscliff​

A close up of the big bumper between a boat and the dock
A row of boats tethered to a dock
Two boat tied together with an inflatable big bumper in between
Captain's view from a boat overlooking the water
An inflatable Big Bumper tied between two boats
Two boats tethered together with a big bumper in between them and two people on board
One person in bathing suit on a boat and one diving into the water
A boat tied to a dock with an inflatable big bumper for protection
Close up of the captains seat on a boat with the water in the background
sailboats in the ocean on a sunny day
Woman lounging in the captains chair in a boat on the water
A yacht boat moving fast in the water
A group of people hanging out on a boat tethered to another on the water with a big bumper in between

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Summertime is creeping up, and we're sure you've got big plans to enjoy your long weekends on the water. Pontoon boats are a popular option

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